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Versatile. Economic. Field-proven. Known as the most common and cost-effective pigging solution for pipeline cleaning, Apache offers its line of multi-faceted foam pigs and spheres. To perform effectively, all our foam pigs and spheres are manufactured from the highest quality open cell polyurethane foam. This special composition of polyurethane is very durable. It resists abrasion, making hard wearing, offering maximum flexibility for use in a wide range of applications.

Foam pigs are exceptionally flexible, which is critical to their ability to operate in a variety of the most complex pipeline networks. They can easily negotiate short radius bends, miter bends, tees, and multi-diameter lines.

Options: coated yellow bullet, coated red bullet, bare swab bullet, bullet, wire brush foam bullet, criss-cross wire brush foam

Custom designs and sizes are available.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our customers’ needs.


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